November 16, 2023


Playing a critical part in the effective delivery of our mission

Since our founding, volunteers have been a critical part of Friends of the Children Central Oregon in effectively delivering our mission. Our volunteers bring enthusiasm and genuine care, and always go above and beyond. Whether it’s handwriting thank you cards, providing office support, hosting a fundraising party, organizing art supplies, or participating in our annual spring clean; they show up and get it done. We thank all our amazing community, corporate, student and individual volunteers, including our Board of Directors, Program and Event committees, who help make our program as impactful as it is.

Oregon has estimated the value of a single volunteer hour at $32.37!

Today, we express our deep appreciation for a special volunteer group from Bend Church of the Nazarene. Through our partnership with Kids Center, we were introduced to this tenacious and giving group of high schoolers who dedicated hours to organizing, cleaning, and removing unneeded items from the Friends Ranch. This work had a huge impact on the success of our summer programming, freeing up space for our literacy camp and organizing supplies for our STEM, Baking and Environmental Education camps. THANK YOU to the youth of Bend Church of Nazarene for generously volunteering your time. Support like yours allows us to continue to fulfill our mission, committing to each youth for the long-term. 12+ years, no matter what.

The benefits of volunteering can be enormous. Giving to others can reduce stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated and provide a sense of purpose. Volunteering with Friends of the Children Central Oregon doesn’t have to involve a long-term commitment or take a huge amount of time.

In 2024, we aim to increase volunteer engagement, offering a range of worthy volunteer opportunities with varying degrees of commitment. To join our volunteer interest list, please complete this form.