November 06, 2023

A heartfelt thanks to Compass Commercial

A partnership that has been a catalyst for growth and progress at Friends Ranch

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Compass Commercial Construction Services for their unwavering support. Their partnership has been a catalyst for growth and progress at Friends Ranch.

What began as a dream to provide space for active learning, discovery, and healing for the children we serve took shape in the fall of 2021 when we opened doors to Friends Ranch. Compass Commercial guided the work required to bring the property to commercial use and frankly, we would not have this beautiful property to call home without them.

The Compass Commercial Construction Services team provides great value to our organization with generous pro bono support: donating their time to inform our site planning and permitting applications, sitting on the Friends Ranch Master Planning Committee, and leveraging their professional connections to secure the best pricing available for construction projects.

“There are no shortages of worthy causes to support in Central Oregon, but Friends of the Children Central Oregon’s model is not typical. As business owners, we must align ourselves with organizations, including charities, that are successful. We need our efforts, especially when we support causes, to be focused. And when those causes are focused on children, as a business we need to make sure our support is productive. Friends of the Children Central Oregon makes a difference in the lives of kids, and their families. The statistics prove it: 83% graduate high school, 93% avoid the criminal justice system, and 98% avoid early parenting. This is an astonishing success story unmatched by any other youth centered program, public or private, and that makes it easy to support. Compass Commercial made a commitment to Friends of the Children Central Oregon years ago and WE ARE ALL IN”.

- Steve Hendley, Managing Partner

Friends Ranch is a permanent refuge for Friends and youth to connect, build resiliency, and feel safe. Here youth find their spark and reach out for the future they so greatly deserve. Friends and youth are the guiding light of the organization’s direction and played a critical role in the reimagining of our property and program space. With the input of our Friends and youth, we created a comprehensive Master Plan for the development of the Ranch which takes a phased approach. This phased approach will allow us to remain focused on program impact and drive youth outcomes, while building out our space to accommodate kids as they reach adolescent and beyond.

Hendley continues,

Youth feel comfortable at the Ranch. It is a place of freedom, of learning, a place that is very different to the homes that these kids are being raised in. At Compass Commercial we believe that success goes beyond business. It’s about making a lasting impact on our community. That’s why we proudly partner with Friends of the Children Central Oregon and will continue to support future projects at Friends Ranch”.

Next year, we embark on our first major construction projects at Friends Ranch: the remodeling of our kitchen, bringing our Farm to Table vision to life, and transforming our garage into a recreation room where positive relationship building, and FUN abounds. We enter this phase with confidence, knowing Compass Commercial will be by our side at every turn, providing guidance and advocacy.

In the spirit of gratitude, we wanted to express our sincere thanks for Compass Commercial Construction Services' continued loyalty and commitment to the youth we serve and the development of our forever home, Friends Ranch.

Compass Commercial

“Building relationships by exceeding client expectations”

Friends Ranch

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