Kelsey Sims

Friend / Professional Mentor

Kelsey is a native Ohioan who moved out West to pursue her passions in environmental and education fields. Graduating from Saint Olaf College, Kelsey received a double degree in Music and Environmental Studies (with an Arts and Humanities emphasis). Since graduating, Kelsey has held a variety of different jobs, however, the two constants have always been wildland firefighting and teaching. On the off seasons of wildland firefighting, Kelsey has worked in both rural and urban communities providing educational support through tutoring, volunteering, teaching, college counseling, and more. Throughout college, Kelsey volunteered in local elementary schools and mentored kids in low-income areas within the greater St. Paul/ Minneapolis communities. Kelsey’s passion for helping the community has now led her to where she is with Friends of the Children. Her hope for this organization is to use her diverse work history and unique personal experiences to help impact the lives of youth and help them grow into successful adults.

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