Francia Schlundt-Rojas

Friend / Professional Mentor

Originally from Venezuela, Francia joined our team in the spring of 2023 as part of the team serving La Pine, OR. As an oldest child, Francia brings bravery dedication to everything she does. A natural caregiver, she pursued her CNA certification and spent eight years working with senior populations. “I wanted to be there for people who didn’t have someone else in that moment.” She met her partner they moved their family to La Pine in 2019. She was drawn to the work of mentoring, of being a support to people who need a consistent and stable adult in their lives. “Our kids need someone who they can count on, who they can talk to and trust. They have so much going on in their lives. I want to be the person that says ‘I love you’ to them and that they know means it.” She is so happy to work at Friends of the Children. “I have never worked for a place that prioritizes self-care and genuinely listens to me when things are hard. It’s amazing that we get to take classes that help us do our jobs better.”

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