Avery Trudeau

Friend / Professional Mentor

Avery was born in Minnesota but has lived in Bend for most of her life. After earning double degrees in Sociology and Criminal Justice from Seattle Pacific University, she had aspirations of becoming a criminal defense attorney. When she accepted a position as a caseworker with Child Welfare Services, she knew she wanted to help people. “The job was a really eye-opening experience for me. I saw front and center what children and families are facing in our community. I built a lot of skills in working with people, and leading with compassion and empathy. Listening to their stories and learning how to best advocate for them was my biggest takeaway.” Avery left that position to find a personal-professional balance, while still finding ways to help. When she came across the Friend job description, she thought is was too good to be true. “I still get to work with youth and families, but it’s proactive and positive instead of punitive. I found the same fulfillment I had before and the balance I was looking for.” Avery was also really intrigued by the Friends of the Children data-driven model and results. “The relationships I’ve built with my youth and their families are so special. They’re all really unique.” And in her first year she sees the impact that relationship is making in their lives. “I know I’m making a difference."

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