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November 07, 2018

Stories with Friends: Part 6

No One Can Do it Alone

So often, when things have been hard, it’s the little things that matter most.

Recently, Sarah (Program Director) was spending time with one of Corey’s moms. She told her how Ethan had asked, “Why don’t we have new clothes like other kids?”

Mom was crying as she told Sarah her answer, “Because mom is doing the right thing.”

Leaving the gang life, getting clean–these aren’t easy choices to make. Often they only bring more hardship. When kids are involved, they are inevitably affected.

This is why we give, why we help, why we try to have a deep, long term impact. For the kids, but also for the moms who are fighting for themselves and for their families.

We give because none of us can do it alone.

Stickers and New Friends

You might have seen a picture on social media recently of Amber and Paige. They’d never met before Sarah took them on a group outing, but they became fast, immediate friends!

They had breakfast, played outside and went to Walmart for stickers–getting different packages of stickers than the other so they could share when they got back to the clubhouse.

It was a perfect example of October’s Core-Asset–Positive Relationship Building. We think this was the intent behind the Core Assets–not just a positive relationship with a Friend, but with staff, other kids in our program, and friends and family.

Positive relationships are about community, and it was awesome to see these two grow their community together.

“I Had a Rough Day Today”

Last week, one of our awesome kiddos got into some trouble at school. When Jaime got caught, she started to shut down. Joe did his best to help. The teacher was wonderful. Yet, she remained shut down until the school counselor took her aside and helped her open up.

Isn’t it awesome when a whole team comes together to help a child find a healthier way to respond to adversity? Now that’s some serious perseverance…

After a tough experience, Joe decided it would be good to have a really normal outing–including frozen yogurt and playtime with a classmate.

On the way home, Joe let Jaime know he’d need to chat with her foster mom about the events of the day. He told her he wasn’t mad, and it wasn’t to get her in trouble, but he really cared about her and wanted to support her.

What happened next was so beautiful–Jaime went straight to her foster mom and said, “I had a rough day today.” She told her the whole story, and Joe didn’t have to say a word.

It’s not always easy being a kid, but it’s amazing to see them persevere through difficulty. Jaime was very brave that day, and we couldn’t be prouder!

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