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October 15, 2018

Stories with Friends: Part 5

Setting Goals and Conquering Them

With Road Maps due soon, Sarah asked all of her girls to identify a goal they’d like to work on for the year.

Alexis decided she wanted to make it across the moving monkey bars at a local park.

Not 15 minutes later, she'd accomplished her goal! We’re so proud of Alexis and her strength and growing resilience. Though, it looks like she and Sarah will have to work on setting a new goal for the year!

Going to the Library for the First Time

Izzy didn’t want to go to the library the first time Corey asked. He said reading was “boring.”

Corey didn’t totally let the idea go, however, and asked Izzy again last week. Izzy asked, “What would we do?”

“We’ll read three books,” Corey responded.

When Izzy walked into the library, he said, “This is way bigger than my school’s library. I bet there are 100 books in here!”

Corey and Izzy spent almost their entire outing at the library and only read two books because they spent so much time on each of them! It’s incredible watching our kids experience something new, especially when they enjoy it so much!

Why Do People Keep Secrets?

Anyone with children or grandchildren knows kids can ask really powerful questions at any given moment.

So when Nelson asked recently about secrets and why people keep them, Joe did his best to answer honestly.

But then Nelson when on to say, “Can I tell you a secret?”

Of course, Joe wouldn’t divulge what Nelson told him, but it was an awesome moment for Joe seeing the trust he and Nelson had built come alive in the moment. And there are few things quite so beautiful as trust earned.

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