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October 03, 2018

Stories with Friends: Part 4

Are We Going To Do This Forever?

Corey and Asher missed a weekly meeting recently. This isn’t a normal occurrence, but Asher’s grandparents were in town.

When they got together for the first time in two weeks, Asher was so excited he asked Corey, “Are we going to do this forever?”

Corey said, “Well, we’re going to do it until you graduate high school, and then you’ll be an adult who can decide whether you want to keep hanging out”.

From the back of the car, Corey heard a quiet but audible, “Yessssssssss.”

We love this story, and not just because it’s a powerful example of the healthy attachment Friends and kiddos are creating, but because it’s also an example of the part each of our kids play in those relationships.

Our kids aren’t just bystanders being “mentored.” They are actively engaging in positive relationship building (October’s Core-Asset)!

There Are 3 People I Believe…

Not long ago, Sarah and Anna were driving by the Courthouse when Anna said, “I’ve been in there when my mom was in jail…”

She went on to say, “You know, there are three people I believe and trust...my dad, my mom and you…”

Our kids are so young, and they’ve seen so much struggle, heartache and traumatic experiences. Anna’s resiliency is incredible.

It’s an honor playing such a role in a child’s life, and we’re so proud of the relationship Sarah and Anna have built together!

Number 3 on Jacob’s List

Jacob has been struggling with the transition to first grade. He’s been kicked out of the classroom. Kept out of recess. He’s struggled to respond positively to his female teacher.

It’s this last piece, how he responds to his teacher, that has made his time with Joe so important–he doesn’t have a lot of positive male figures in his life.

Recently on an outing to the park with his mom, he listed off the reasons he would miss Bend if they were to move, listing Joe as #3. Joe and Jacob’s mom laughed later at the fact that he’d listed her as #8 on that list.

Jacob gave the whole team a good reminder this week: that every child we work with is so different and in need of something unique from us. For Jacob, it’s a male role model. For others, it’s something quite different.

More than anything, this week, we’re grateful for all our kids are teaching us! This isn’t a one-way street. This program changes every life involved.

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