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September 06, 2018

Stories with Friends: Part 3

Or We Could Do Both

Grace and Sarah like to go on bike rides along the River Trail. As many Bendites know, the River Trail eventually turns from paved to a dirt road.

It’s usually at this point where the concrete turns to dirt, that Grace wants to turn back. Not on their most recent ride–this time, she wanted to keep going.

Eventually, the two came to a hill, and Grace asked, “How are we going to get up this hill?”

Sarah responded, “Well, we could walk, or we could ride…, or we could do both.”

Grace decided to start off walking and then halfway up the hill, got on her bike and rode the rest of the way up. Sarah recalls a passerby yelling, “You go, girl!” as they finished their trek.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that, like Grace, we don’t always have to pick just one way up a hill. We can walk some, we can ride some, and we can rest some. It’s a great reminder that we all “could do both.”

Impacting Extended Families

Not long ago, Corey had an opportunity to meet Izzy’s great-grandparents. Corey talks with excitement about how glad they were to see him and all the questions they had about his work with Izzy–really putting his “elevator speech” to the test!

One thing Corey noticed was how patient Izzy was during their time with his family–how the two would get tiny moments together in the midst of storytelling. Corey recalls the family’s appreciation for his ability to engage both their questions and Izzy’s needs.

Maybe most important, Corey began to see how his work with Izzy is bleeding into his extended family. In other words, Izzy’s growth is impacting the internal family dynamics.

Generational change doesn’t just happen through a child, but by impacting the people around them, as well!

Building Community

With Joe out on vacation recently, Kim (our awesome Executive Director!) had a few stories of her own to tell. We recently had our family BBQ to kick-off the new school year, and Kim had a few fun observations from the event:

1. It was really evident watching the kids and their Friends that there is a lot of love between them. Justin, for example, couldn’t get close enough to Corey. Barely moving from his side, the entire event. So cool seeing Justin experience relationship with a close, healthy attachment figure!

2. It was a great opportunity for all of the different families involved in our program to get to know each other. We talk a lot about the impact we’re having on the kids we work with, but in reality, this sort of close, one-to-one relationship really has a larger purpose. It’s a good reminder for our team that we aren’t just building individual relationships; we’re building a community of support, care and love.

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