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March 31, 2021

Stories with Friends: Part 26


Friends plan intentional outings around the Core Asset of the month. This month's Core Asset was self-determination. When Corey asked his friend, *Adam, what major goals he has for himself this year, Adam replied that he wants to be able to bike ride from Redmond to Bend and back. Corey knew this was a good time to talk about self-determination but more importantly taking small steps towards their big goals. Adam, however, was determined to achieve his goal, in fact, it was something he had wanted to accomplish for years. Corey mapped out a route that was the same distance from Bend to Redmond round trip, roughly 31 miles. They loaded up nutritious snacks with plenty of water and set off on their next outing to attempt the inconceivable. Adam would not quit until he achieved his goal. After riding bikes for over four hours, hands frozen, pushing fast against the looming darkness and cold of the night, they achieved their goal! It was an intense moment of pride and accomplishment as they yipped with glee about their success once they caught sight of the car. Playfully, Adam reminded Corey on the car ride home to never doubt his incredible determination.*Youth name changed to protect family's privacy