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March 03, 2021

Stories with Friends: Part 24

The Importance of Relationship Building

Dani has been working with *Jasmine for almost a year now, and when they first met it was when the pandemic had just started to take off. This made it challenging to find opportunities to connect in person and start to build a strong relationship. Dani made it a point to have regular virtual visits as well as driving out to her house a couple of times a month to drop off food. During these food deliveries, she was able to connect with Jasmine and her family and really foster a true relationship. During the holidays, Dani was able to deliver Christmas gifts, thanks to our amazing donors. Jasmine and her family expressed how grateful they were to have such a kind and consistent friend like Dani. Building a relationship with our youth and caregivers is so important, Dani says, but it's also important to have relationships with members of the community so we can all come together to provide things for those in need. The relationships we spend time on building really have some of the biggest impacts on our sense of belonging. *Youth name changed to protect family's privacy