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January 06, 2021

Stories with Friends: Part 23

A Constant Support

One of the many things Friend/Mentor, Colleen likes about working for Friends of the Children is the ability to be a constant support in her youth’s lives. One of the youth on her roster has experienced instability in her young life so when Colleen learned that *Amber would be moving back to Central Oregon with her sister, she was ecstatic. Colleen visited Amber in her new home and it filled her with immense joy to see how nurturing and enriching the home truly was. Colleen noticed a spark and glow in *Amber's eye’s and she felt a great sense of love that was emanating from her new home. Colleen wants to say thank you from the bottom of her heart to all the foster parents everywhere that open their doors and provide stability and love to those who need it most.

*Youth name changed to protect family's privacy