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September 23, 2020

Stories with Friends: Part 20

"That's what Friends do, they share."

While on a recent outing, Friend/mentor Corey met Bruce at his grandma's house. They caught up briefly and decided together that it would be fun to explore the surrounding neighborhood on foot. Bruce is quite the walker and almost a mile later they happened to walk past a jewelry store that had some eye-catching crystals in the window. Bruce and Corey share a passion for rocks and crystals so they were naturally drawn inside to have a look. Bruce was in heaven checking out all the crystals they had on display. Bruce’s excitement caught the attention of the store owner. While he described to Corey how two of the crystals felt like they had magic power as he held them in his hands, the owner asked if Bruce would like to keep the two crystals for free. Bruce’s face lit up as he smiled ear to ear and enthusiastically thanked the store owner. On the walk back to his grandma's house, all he wanted to talk about was the two magic crystals. When it was time to say goodbye, Bruce insisted that Corey keep one of the crystals because "that's what friends do, they share." Corey agreed to keep the crystal safe for Bruce as long as one day he could return it to the rightful owner.