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August 21, 2018

Stories with Friends: Part 2

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our new series. Here’s Part 2, including tears, court and the High Desert Museum!

Making Joe Cry

Jaime has experienced some of the deepest trauma of any of our kiddos. She doesn’t like to make eye contact. She won’t use Joe’s name and, for a long time, Joe wasn’t even sure she wanted him as her Friend.

This summer, however, she has seemed to turn a corner with Joe–using his name, making eye contact more often.

Then last week, she and Joe were down at the lake taking photos with a photographer when, during a staged photo, Jaime reached out and grabbed Joe’s hand all on her own.

Even in retelling the story, Joe began tearing up, a powerful reminder that it’s the little moments of connection and trust that matter most.

At the High Desert Museum

Corey didn’t expect Izzy to last very long at the High Desert Museum. He expected it to be rushed–moving from one thing to the next.

As it turned out, it was the exact opposite. From the very beginning of their 2.5 hours at the museum, Izzy was engaged with the different exhibits, showed a deep desire to learn more and wanted to see everything!

There’s a spot in the mining area that gets really dark, and Izzy said, “That place looks scary,” then grabbed Corey’s hand and headed in anyway.

It’s so cool seeing kids brave new experiences with their Friend by their side!

Speaking up in Court

Sarah recently had a long conversation with one of her kid’s CASA volunteers. The volunteer is scheduled to speak soon on behalf of the family in court on why our kiddo should stay with her mom. The volunteer said, “I’m only going to speak about her involvement in your program.”

It’s easy to forget that our work reaches far beyond the relationships built between child and Friend. They reach deep into the lives of our kids and their families. It’s a great reminder that healthy bonds don’t just impact the pair–they reach into other relationships, too.

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