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September 10, 2019

Stories with Friends: Part 14

“Let’s shine this bike up!”

Friend/mentor Sarah went to pick up Grace for an outing recently and noticed her bicycle lying in front of her house. The seat was not working correctly, and her dad asked if Sarah would help fix it.

They decided to spend part of their outing fixing the bike and took it to Pine Mountain Sports (one of our awesome partners!) to see if they could help.

Grace thought it was so cool when Alex, the mechanic, put it up on the rack. He said to her, “Let’s shine this thing up!” He wiped it down, fixed the seat and grips, and adjusted the breaks. The generosity of Alex and Pine Mountain, doing all the work for free, was so kind. We are really grateful for support from local organizations like them.

Afterward, Grace said, “I feel like it’s a new bike, Sarah!” It was such a cool moment for Sarah because it showed just how far Grace has come in their time together–moving from training wheels to cruising around on two wheels.

We are so proud of the powerful relationship Grace, and Sarah have developed and the growth it has meant for Grace. Way to show perseverance and grit on that bike, Grace!

High Fives for a Job Well Done

Friend/mentor Corey took two of his youth, Evan and Adam, to the climbing gym last month. Adam is a strong climber, but Evan is new to the sport and was feeling scared.

Adam took on a leadership role with Evan, motivating him and teaching him how to make the moves as they ventured up the wall. Corey loved seeing Evan feed off Adam’s motivation and energy. They both made it to the top of the wall, high-fiving each other when they made it back down.

It was a special moment for Corey, watching two of his children work together to reach their goal through Perseverance and Grit and Positive Relationship Building (two of our Core Assets)!