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May 16, 2019

Stories with Friends: Part 11

It Takes a Community

Our Program Director, Nona, recently took Friend/mentor Joe’s spot for an in-school visit with Felix. Felix was so excited to see Nona, telling her, “I can show you my school!”

Felix is a high energy child, always with a smile on his face and always having fun. Nona loved seeing how engaged he was in class–not getting distracted by her visit. Instead, he used it as an opportunity to teach Nona to show her what he was learning.

Nona’s favorite part was watching the great relationships he’s forged at the school, and it reminded her of the deep bond he has created with Joe. Nona credits this relationship with Joe as a factor in his ability to connect with his school environment.

We love seeing powerful connections for our youth in their community. It’s a great reminder that it takes a group working together to impact our children, and we’re proud to be part of a Central Oregon community doing just that.

Murphy’s Law

Last week it seemed like everything was going wrong for Corey, one of our awesome Friends. It was just one of those tough weeks when nothing is easy, and Murphy’s Law keeps popping up.

He finished a difficult week on an outing with Izzy. Izzy was super excited to see Corey when he came to pick him up and really wanted to go to the park to play tee-ball with his new stand.

They arrived at the park, found a nice spot in the shade, and began setting everything up for a fun afternoon when they both realized they forgot a Wiffle ball. Murphy had struck again. They had everything, a bat, tee-ball stand, gloves, but no ball to play with!

Corey was hesitant to go back for a ball because it would cost him and Izzy a huge chunk of their time together, so instead, he decided to call a friend who lived close by. It just so happened the friend was home and had a Wiffle ball lying around. Which he was able to bring over to the park, so Izzy and Corey could play.

After Corey’s friend left, Izzy said, “It’s a good thing you have a friend in the area!” It was a powerful moment because Izzy was able to recognize the importance of having a friend–a friend who was there when Corey needed them. We all need friends sometime–especially when nothing seems to be going right!

A Resilient Moment

Recently Stella visited the clubhouse with Friend/mentor, Ashley. As soon as they arrived, she noticed the bike at the clubhouse and said, “Let’s practice riding without training wheels!”

Stella practiced for over 30 minutes, never getting frustrated or down on herself. She just kept working at it, trying to learn and improve.

Ashley called it a “resilient moment,” watching Stella with a smile on her face even as she struggled.

We love stories like this one, seeing such resilience in our children. Keep working at it, Stella. We know you’ll be riding that two-wheeler in no time!

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