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August 16, 2018

Stories with Friends: Part 1

Recently the Central Oregon team decided we wanted to start sharing stories of the kids with whom we work. We’re calling this new project “Stories with Friends”–personal moments from time spent with the children of Central Oregon.

We hope you enjoy…

Forming Connections with Other Animals:

Levi loves the outdoors. On a recent outing with Corey, the two set off to feed the ducks and geese that inhabit the pond near our clubhouse. Levi showed incredible kindness toward the geese, patiently feeding them while getting closer and closer as he (and the birds) felt more comfortable.

For Corey, it was a powerful story of empathy and connection with other animals–Levi sensing what the birds needed and providing it as best he could. We’re so proud of him for the care he showed the geese.

Can We Get Clip-on Earrings Together?

Friend Sarah has a certain style–understated, outdoorsy, authentic–so when one of her kiddos asked to go to Claire’s to get clip-on earrings together, you can imagine she was a bit surprised. If you know Sarah personally, you can also imagine her response–warm and willing to try something new.

That’s one of the awesome things about Friends of the Children; these long-term, consistent bonds bring with them a deep level of trust–for Friends and their kids. It allows for trying new things together, stepping into new comfort zones and discovering self–all within the bounds of healthy attachment.

Volcanoes and Taking Charge:

Nelson doesn’t like to try new things. Typically, he’s willing to give something new or difficult about 15 minutes before he’s ready to head back to what’s comfortable. You can imagine Joe’s excitement when Nelson fell in love with a science experiment Sarah set up in the clubhouse recently. It was even more exciting when Nelson was mentioning the following week that he wanted to do another science experiment with Joe.

The two are planning to make a volcano together soon, researching what they’ll need, etc. The most exciting part, however, has been watching Nelson jump at the chance to try something new–discovering an endeavor that excites him!

Check back next week for an update on these and our other awesome kids!

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