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Central Oregon's History

How It Started in Central Oregon

Planning for Friends of the Children-Central Oregon began in April 2016 with target implementation date of September 2017. Planning, community awareness and fund development was under the direction and leadership of Duncan Campbell and championed by Kim Hatfield, current Executive Director.

In August 2016 Oregon Community Foundation’s local Donor Relations Officer led a potential donor to Friends-Central Oregon. A meeting was held with these generous donors in November of 2016 and they made a start-up commitment of $200,000 which was soon after matched by the Tykeson Family and The Campbell Foundation. Since that time the Central Oregon community has stepped up to provide commitments for a three-year operating budget and beyond. Showing the intention of Central Oregon residents to commit to children facing the highest risks for 12 ½ years-no matter what!

Friends of the Children-Central Oregon has partnered with the Bend-Lapine and Redmond School Districts and District #10 Child Welfare-Foster Care to select 24 children facing the highest risks in year one, with goals to increase that number to 64 by year five.