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December 11, 2020

Welcome To The Ranch

A Place For Friends

Welcome to The Ranch – A Place for Friends

The Ranch will be the new home for Friends of the Children Central Oregon and offer space for active learning, discovery, and healing for the children we serve. It will be a permanent sanctuary for Friends and youth to connect, build resiliency, and feel at home. The Ranch will also be a resource for partnering non-profits and community organizations and offer collaborative space. We envision The Ranch being utilized year-round, both inside and outdoors.

History – finding our forever home

Since establishing our local chapter of Friends of the Children in 2017, our Executive Director, Kim Hatfield, had a vision and turned that vision into reality for many families in Central Oregon. She also knew that our organization would soon need room to grow with space to house our clubhouse, run programs, and create a second home for kids and staff.

With the addition of more children and staff, we quickly outgrew the office space we were in and, due to rising real estate prices, we were soon priced out of the rental market in Bend. The board and staff knew a secure future involved owning property and soon found the perfect spot!

The Ranch is a 19-acre property between Bend and Redmond on the Old Bend-Redmond Highway. There is room for our offices, a commercial kitchen, space to create a STEM Lab, and multipurpose areas for playing games, reading, and doing homework. There is also outdoor space we can develop for gardening, raising animals, and exploring nature.

The Ranch is just what is needed for the organization and for the children we serve. Our children crave stability and safety, and having a place of their own to spend time with trusted Friends is a necessary part of what we do.

Below you will find more information about The Ranch and our plans for this very special place. Your gift will help secure the future of Friends of the Children Central Oregon and create a sanctuary for Central Oregon youth. We hope you will be part of this exciting next phase of our organization.

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A Place to Grow

Commercial Kitchen

Improving Health / Making Good Choices

The kitchen will be utilized for cooking classes, shared meals, trying new recipes, and the development of healthy habits. These skills and experiences lead to improved health for our youth and allow them to make good nutritional choices when in our care, at home, and at school.

Outdoor Space

Prosocial Development / Improving Health

The 19-acre property includes areas for gardening, caring for animals, active learning, and physical education. Participating in outdoor activities with Friends is not only fun for our youth, but also important for improving health outcomes and building trusting relationships. Learning to grow food for oneself and others and compassionately care for animals help children develop prosocial skills and empathy. These types of positive, extra-curricular activities are often out of reach for the children we serve.

We also plan to collaborate with our nonprofit partners to create a sustainable outdoor resource for Central Oregon.

A Place to Learn


School Success / Skills for the Future

The STEM Lab will be equipped with computer stations, science and engineering materials, and space for tutoring and STEM camps. While working together in the STEM Lab, Friends will provide support and encourage youth to try a variety of problem-solving methods. This growth mindset approach allows children to develop their own strategies for finding solutions.

In addition to working with youth, we envision the STEM Lab utilized for teacher trainings, workshops, and other STEM activities.

Homework Lounge

Reading / Relaxing / Playing

The homework lounge will be open for Friends and children to socialize, work on projects, read, and play games together. Activities such as yoga, meditation, staff meetings, and community gatherings will occur here. Working with their Friends, our youth can set short and long-term goals and develop the skills critical to success in school and in life.

A Place for Central Oregon

Building Community

Connecting / Collaborating

In addition to a resource for our organization, The Ranch will be a place for collaboration. We will form long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with nonprofit and community organizations throughout Central Oregon.

Let’s Talk

Inquire / Donate / Volunteer

We welcome your inquiries, questions, and conversation. Let’s talk!

Phone: 541.668.6836

Email: svisnack@friendscentraloregon.org